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Conference-ME is the first conference bridge in the Middle East, currently covering UAE, US, UK, Canada, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan and Australia. Conference-me will soon cover Saudi, Egypt and Turkey. We currently have 90 lines in UAE and 150 lines world wide. Conference-me will drop your travel bill and expenses drastically.

Unlike existing conferencing services, Conference-me is a tailor-made conferencing service.At Conference-me we understand your unique business requirement and develop specific services to meet your unique requirement. These can be specific conferencing features, a dedicated and unique telephone conference number or just a tailor-made welcome message.
Conference-me introduced its web-conferencing platform, with desktop sharing. We are on the track to further develop this service and add additional on demand services and capabilities.

For more information please visit or dial +971-4-4419233 (Technical Support) , or call +971-50-1521520 (Sales)


  • Conference bridge for up to 250 concurrent users
  • Virtual Meeting Rooms 
  • Web Conferencing 
  • Telecom quality and reliability 24/7 
  • Competitive Billing per minute per user 
  • No monthly charges 
  • No subscription fees
  • Door to Door training and services 
  • Customer support center 
  • Tailor-made service

  • Prepaid service 
  • Excellent rates 
  • Dedicated phone number per client (if needed) 
  • Ability to create sub-accounts 
  • Unlimited conferences per account 
  • Taylor-made welcome message 
  • Managed Conferences
  • Recorded Conferences 
  • Generate detailed activity reports 
  • Detailed monthly biling 
  • Softphone can be used over the internet

  • Create Virtual Meeting rooms 
  • Java Based 
  • Runs on both PC and MAC
  • The leader's desktop is published to all the attendants of the Web-conference 
  • Share any document, like doc, ppt or Excel sheets
  • Same details as Voice Conference 
  • No need for pre-booking 
  • Integrated biling with the conference bridge



UAE +971-4-7060550
Japan   +81345209661
USA   +1-888-2471688
To View Access Numbers Of Other Countries Click here





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